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Konceptive about us


We are Konceptive. We strive to create a unique, engaging work environment that fosters creativity, loyalty and long-term commitment of our employees to the company thus makes our customers happy.

Our company culture is geared to creating a work environment that allows our employees to develop their ideas and fulfill their passion for creating great products.

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We grow product idea from napkin sketch to a high-quality shipped product within a short space of time. Every digital creation reflects our passion for design and technology as well as unarguable performance.

Our standards and how we live and work at Konceptive


We take time to listen to our client's needs so we deliver with the right expectations. Some people listen but they don’t hear. We do both and that’s why we have the happiest, most satisfied clients.


Collaboration is key to continue going in the correct direction. Imagine a ship that only looks at a map once. Chances are it won’t get to its correct destination. There are storms in development and we always keep our clients involved. The client is the compass.


Learning is growing and we are constantly learning current technologies and exploring the new ones. We find learning and exploring as one of the key components in staying ahead in the business of web development.


Innovate is a term a lot of companies use to describe themselves. It means to push boundaries and to create something new. Our goal is to bring out new and cutting edge technology to the market. Products nobody has ever seen before.


We foster and believe in creativity. That every single one of us has creative specialties. We got really good at harnessing that creative energy and using it to create amazing things.


Everything previously said would be all talk and no action unless we delivered. Luckily our actions speak louder than our words. At the end of the day, the goal is to deliver the best product, and our clients can back that up.

Let’s work together to build something great.

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